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Kavi Sammelan and Musayara in Periyar Hostel

Today Kavi Sammelan and Musayara organised in Periyar Hostel, JNU by students of Periyar on the occasion of eve of Diwali. This was happen in the presence of eminent poet of Urdu from JNU, Ex-JNU and out of JNU. They are Zaphar Sahab, Kaishal Sahab, Adim Sahab, Kaishar Samastipuri etc. I also recited my poem. I also reciting my poem. Iam hankful to
my all friends for appropriciating me, I was so nervousbecause I was the 1st person to recite the poem. (bcz 1st person didn'ttern-up). I can say it was success people clapped for me and eminentguest too. That poem was on lit...tlegirs who used to sell "our" National Flag on the occation of Republicand Independent day. Who are republic and independent (?) and what isthe meaning of these things for them? I first wrote this poem in 2004wnen I came to Delhi and see them .....
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