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Patna: Girl pays with life for dad's refusal to vacate house

  • I am shocked by reading this news at Times of India Onlie Edition. After all this is the present situation of Dalita in Patna or all over India. Where is the most propagated "Shining India" (by BJP-NDA) and "Aam Adami Ki Sarkar" (Congress-UPA)? No arrested made after a sufficient time. This is also a question mark to those who calming themselves a "Leader of Dalit", "Dalit ka Beta", "Dalit ki Beti" etc. Is it not fact that they are not paid a attention because they are Dalit and Poor. See the incident if Arushi Murder, Nitisk Katara Murder, and so and so. So if something happened with "celebrity" than for media it is crime and "aam adami" is not secure in this country but incident like this is a not matter because it is a daily phenomena and their life have price for both "society" and "media value". But I am highly thankful to Times of India who published it at his Online Edition that is the only reason that I came to know. Hope effort made by Times of India bring justice for them.

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  • Girl pays with life for dad's refusal to vacate house
  • Bhuvaneshwar Prasad, TNN 17 October 2009, 06:32am IST

  • KISHANGANJ: A 14-year-old Dalit girl, who was burnt alive allegedly by the owners of the house in which she lived with her parents in Kishanganj, died on Friday morning while police were yet to arrest the accused named in the FIR. Sweetie was the daughter of Rajendra Prasad Das, a head clerk at the Terhagachh block office in Kishanganj district. He and his family lived in a rented house in Kishanganj and had reportedly refused to oblige the house owners, who wanted him to vacate the house.
  • In retribution, the house owners burnt Sweetie at her house in Dharmaganj locality, right behind the DM’s official residence. The girl, with 60% burns, was immediately rushed to a hospital in Patna, where she succumbed.
  • Barun Kumar, president of the Kishanganj unit of State NGEs’ Mahasangh of which Das is a member, was livid. “Why have police not arrested Dipak Kasniwal, Manish Kasniwal and Navin Kumar, all sons of businessman Vijay Kasniwal, during the last 26 days despite the fact that they have been named in the FIR?"
  • “They are running their business as usual though both the DM and the SP, soon after the incident, had assured us that the perpetrators of the crime will be arrested within three days,” said Mahasangh secretary Kumar Anand.
  • Kishanganj SP Chaurasia Chandrashekhar Azad said he has ordered the arrest of the accused. “I will probe why the arrests were not made earlier.”
  • State Women’s Commission chief Lesie Singh said she has called for a report from police. “The guilty should be brought to book.”
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