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Argument of “Merit” and Social Exclusion: Challenges Before Reservations and Social Justice in Higher Education

Argument of “Merit” and Social Exclusion: Challenges Before Reservations and Social Justice in Higher Education
Yesterday (Jan 25, 2010, Tapti Hostel, JNU) I attended public meeting on “Argument of “Merit” and Social Exclusion: Challenges Before Reservations and Social Justice in Higher Education”; speakers were S. N. Malakar (JNU), P. K. Yadav (JNU), Y. S. Alone (JNU) and Dilip Mandal (IIMC); organized by AISA, JNU Unit.
Descriptions are not based on speaker wise.
. No ministers from ST/ST for many years in West Bengal Government.
. It is observed that no any person from ST/ST and even OBC at top rank IAS official at central secretariat, because
that post cannot achieved by promotion rather appointment made by seniority based. So SN Malakar said that he put an RTI that why it is so. For him this is result of bad implementation of reservation policy. Due to constitutional obligation they are bound to giving reservation with particular number. But deliberately they are not appointing young candidate. By this these candidates are not reaching up to
senior post and also showing that they fulfill the reservation policy. Many times those who come under general candidate they put them in SC/ST/OBC list.
.Anti reservation community saying that reservation make institution un/less-efficiency, if merit come through caste that put that (so-called higher) caste in village and put another (so-called lower) caste boy in town
with proper education facility and then compare between them.
.JNU implemented deprivation point in 1983 because Mandal Commission report comes out in 1980 and Janata Government also come in Power.
.Affirmative action ca not works in India. Those who provoke this they do not know that in USA that is not binding on Government. Here in India reservation is constitutional right but that is not implemented so think what will happen if that is optional.
.Yes we like affirmative action but not in the cost of remove the reservation and it should also not see against or optional of reservation. It should be implemented in all policy and programme.
.During anti reservation campaign, Vipin Chandra gave a speech at Neelgiri Dhaba (Godavari Dhaba) and very few dare to say against him. He said that reservation will bring fascism in in this country. That times in
Periyar Hostel many students tears there cloths and saying that “give me sward, I will cut V. P. Singh’s throat”.
.In one university can have only one VC but government appointing many VCs in various universities. So they can appointment some from SCs, Sts and OBCs. 
.Around 15-20 days before in Tamil Nadu upper caste villagers bit one Dalit women only because she did not take off her sleeper while passing from that particular locality.
.Not only human but Caste system also affecting to animals
like Dogs. In Tamil Nadu upper caste villagers bitted to another Dalit community village only because a Dog/Doggy from Dalit community fall in love with upper caste Dog/Doggy and had a physical relations. 
.Former President of India K. R. Narayanan advocated to reservation in judiciary than that time minister Jorge Faradize replied that “you (president) are just a rubber stamp …” ….
.There is relations between caste system and science and
technology. Hinduism have based of superstitions. Where are PUSPAK VIMAN, and RAKSHASA in Sri Lanka? Sibu Soren requested to Governor to complete oath ceremony two hour before because his astrologer said this. 
.M. N. Sriniwas was wrong that by Sanskritization society is uplifting.
.We should not became a castist by fighting castism.
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