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Prof accused in JNU grade tampering

I was shocked by this news. Because now it is official that some faculty favoring some students. We already knows this as a unofficial that some teacher doing this. Now I would like to ask where is "merit" of these meritorious teacher and to that student for he did this. Youth For Equality saying that "deprived section of society" do not deserve reservation. Now see what that merit doing and how that merit "produced". JNU must show out door to those teacher who depicted the image of JNU. And also cancel the selection and mark sheet to concern students. I heard that Chaube Ji suspended for three year from evaluation of copy of M.Phil. entrance test, which is not a punishment even not a token punishment, he shoul out of JNU and salary should be stop right now.

Prof accused in JNU grade tampering
Retrieved on January 19, 2010
Ashok Kumar( Tags : JNU, Centre of Indian Languages JNU, JNU administration Posted: Monday , Jan 18, 2010 at 0009 hrs New Delhi:
A faculty member of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has been accused of allegedly tampering with the grades of two of his students enrolled in the Master of Philosophy course.
The faculty member, Ranjit Kumar Saha, is an Associate Professor at the Centre of Indian Languages at JNU.
After the allegations came to light, the chairperson of the centre convened a faculty meeting on January 6. According to the minutes of the meeting, a copy of which is with Newsline, the faculty took a serious note of the accusation of ‘grave alterations’ made by Ranjit Kumar Saha in the award list of two M Phil papers. At the meeting, the faculty recommended that JNU undertake a high-level inquiry and, if the allegations were found to be true, initiate appropriate administrative action against Saha.
At the meeting, it was found that in the Research Methodology paper, taught by Saha, alterations were made in grade entries of one student with approval from the acting chairperson Devendra Kumar Choubey. “The grade entry, which read as absent earlier, has been changed to B plus.
Also, in the paper titled ‘Theories and Methods of Translation’, taught by Chaman Lal, chairperson, Centre of Indian Languages, the grade of another student was changed from B to A minus.
According to the minutes of the meeting, Saha confessed he had changed the grade of the Research Methodology paper on the advice of D K Choubey. When contacted, Saha declined to comment.
The alleged tampering occurred when D K Choubey took over as acting chairperson of the centre while chairperson Lal was on leave.
It has also been learnt that disciplinary action was taken against Choubey in 2007 on account of irregularity in the evaluation process of the JNU entrance test. A faculty member said, “He (Choubey) was debarred from evaluating entrance exam papers for three years. Despite other senior professors being available , he was made the acting chairperson.”
Prof Chaman Lal, chairperson, confirmed the decision taken had been conveyed to the JNU administration.
Rajendra Prasad, JNU Rector, pleaded ignorance, “We have not received the copies of the minutes yet. I came to know through a news article.”
D K Choubey said he was not aware (of the allegations).
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