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I hate you like a love you. Romantic song between ABVP-AISA-NSUI-SFI: हम तुमसे नफ़रत करतें है जैसे हम तुमसे प्यार करते हैं

Our UGBM started at 11Am on September 20, 2011, KV Ground and ended at 1.30AM on September 20, 2011, on the issue of conduct JNUSU election. It was going on very smoothly but after dinner brake, when people going sit together for GMB, the ABVP-AISA-NSUI-SFI come up at chair that they want to adjourned the GBM. They tried to force the chair to stop the GBM, for no valid reason.

Suddenly activists from AIBSF and others, realized there motive and come up there and stopped their undemocratic attempt, and saved JNU's tradition and ethos of democracy. Shefalika (AISA), Sucheta (AISA), and Roshan (SFI) said that we have no respect of JNUSU constitution. When we all progressive and democratic forces said that our constitution can not be let happen these kinds of undemocratic activities, and chair should must refer to JNUSU constitution to tackle this matter. Then chair refereed JNUSU constitution that the GBM can be called off by chair by simple majority if one request with 10% of present students. Chair asked have you 10% of student in favor of your this request? Then Sucheta, Shefalika, Vismay each from AISA and Roshan, Anand etch from SFI, Sandhu, Manoranjan NSUI .... those who were present there had no answer. They were surprised by seeing democratic ethos of students even by new students. Instead of respecting the democratic culture, sprite and ethos, they were started disturbing the UGBM. Then chair requested that those who do not want to GBM should leave from here and let other to participate those who want to participate. They leaved from that place and we  should happy that only 4-5% of students were moved with them including their office bearer!

Above parties are claiming themselves a democratic. They mean by democracy that only they have right to speak and their ideas are only correct ideas, even other have no right to speak. They bring proposal that UGBM should be called off because they think so. Even they walkout from UGBM, which is which is highest decision making body.

They wanted to call off GBM because -

I got call from Supreme Court Judge - Sandhu NSUI, first statement

My lawyer got call from Supreme Court Judge - Sandhu, second statement

I got call from Solicitor General Gopal Subrahmanam - Sandhu, NSUI, third statement

Some student, SFI .. AISA got call - Sandhu, NSUI, forth statement

SFT got call - Sucheta, AISA, first statement

I also got call - Sucheta, AISA, second statement

I got call - Raushan, SFI, forst statement

Some of us got call - Roushan, SFI, second statement

Joint Struggle Committee got call - Roushan, third statement

They got call, we are agree for election even under Lyngdoh - Handbill of 11.09.2011, some unknown ABVP (for me)

What was call all about? That cal call was about -

1. The Supreme Court are agree to listen our case so no need to hold UGBM.
Comment – If our voice and anger reached to supreme court then we should be happy. But question arise, is supreme court started calling to person? Even at 9PM?

2. Got call from Solicitor General Gopal Subrahmanam.
Comment – Is he still in office? In my best knowledge he resign from his post in August, 2011.

3. We can not hold, UGBM, because our lawyer called us that we will won in supreme court and case will be listed.
Comment – Is any lawyer saying that he will not won the case, after taking case in hand? Even if he is sure then, have student no right to speak, in his/her own platform? In my best knowledge JSC is changing the lawyer. Then who called? If old one then how we can believe? If believe then why we are changing? If new one then when is he appointed? Have he any nexus between judges?

4. This will against our further struggle in court.
Comment – Is JNU student so fool that they come to know that they are going to do wrong thing after calling UGBM? And how suddenly come to know at 9PM. Remember SFI wanted voting at 9PM, no matter of students right to speech. They did not successes to disrupted with like minded AISA, ABVP and NSUI.

5. Our matter is going to solve soon so why we should hold, this GBM?
Comment – Why above-mentioned organization realized this at 9PM? Is it not that they got this idea for misguiding, only after realizing that students are not in their favor?

6. Now, no meaning of holding this GBM because, this will be contradictory with our course of action in court.
Comment – How suddenly you got this idea? Is it not after realizing that students are not in your favor? Is they do not know that students have right to speak?

7. I/we got call …..
Comment – Is it not showing that either you bribed by Govt.? Or misguided by Govt? Or you have nexus with anti-democratic forces? Or It was well pre planned?

Because they have no respect of Indian Constitution so no respect for JNU constitution too. They love to bring to their (fair and) lovely Manusmrity so the Lyngdoh Commission report.

AIBSF, UDSF, DSU, PSU, SFR, YJNS, and all common students opposed this, for uphold democracy in JNU. We put resolution that we want election with only JNUSU constitution. AIBSF also demanded that we should immediately conduct the election GSCASH and all JNU Clubs.
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