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Nobel laureate says he failed med entrance, JEE

Nobel laureate says he failed med entrance, JEE First it something seems that it is impossible that how a man who achieved a such high in his life can fail in IIT-JEE Exam? But it is true. The question is who is tough to understand? IIT-JEE's question by students or a creative mind by IIT-JEE? For me it is not possible to evaluate a mind my IIT=JEE or any similar examination. Let the student do what they want because it will reflect his own potentiality. S/he will also work that work by heart and with joyfulness. If any one working under pressure or a prestige matter than that outcome will call result of that pressure not a success or a creative work. Our education system emphasis on to read and re-produce not learn, study, re-think, think-differently and generate a new ideas.
It is also because parents, family and relatives see dream through his her child and want to fulfill that without concerning that what child wants? It is social contractions of society where money is matter, success count in how much power of influence you have? Or how much you can earn black money even at some post have more salary but like to prefer where one can make a good amount of money due to nature of work and power invested on that particular post.
All this is what Film Three Idiot's shows. The film is three idiots because in popular term they are idiots but not in read term. what education mean.

Now Read the New Article, Source Times of India Jan 06 2009, Delhi Edition Page No. 15, and think yourself.
Bangalore:Venkataraman Ramakrishnan might have won the 2009 Nobel for chemistrybut decades ago he failed to clear medical and engineering entrances.
Ata public lecture at the Indian Institute of Science campus here, herecalled his journey from Baroda — where he went to school — andcollege before moving to Ohio University for his PhD. Ramakrishnan noted that he appeared for the IIT entrance test but “did not get a seat in IIT”.

“Myparents were somewhat old-fashioned; they did not believe in coachingclasses (for entrance tests),” Ramakrishnan told a packed J N TataAuditorium. He also appeared in the entrance test for the reputedChristian Medical College in Vellore but was unsuccessful. Ramakrishnanrecalled that even in 1981, after hispost-doctoral, he could not initially find a job even though he had putin 50 applications in different universities overseas. The Nobellaureate said as a child he was not interested in science butextraordinary maths and science teachers inspired him to pursue thesubject seriously. Asked if he had plans of returning to India,Ramakrishnan said, “No”. PTI
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