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MHRD Proposl for Fee Hike

We in JNU are against the proposed fee hike in JNU by MHRD. In recent Times Higher Education issue as I read it today, there are no any university from India is under 100. Also under 200 only two IIT get entry. AISA took first and strong action against it and mobilized the campus. By mess campaign and rally. We also demonstration on MHRD on October 08, 2009. On the call of

The very shameful things happen in campus that at first some organization started saying that this is only rumor and have no base. But when we posted the latter on the wall in the campus and students started understand the proposed raise 20% expenditure by university by its own resources than NSUI and ABVP woke up. ABVP said that they opposed such move in 2002 during its own UPA Govt. and also opposed in Gujarat in 1971. Any way ABVP against it. I am thankful to ABVP who understand this issue in right way at right time.

Where NSUI says that this is not a matter only a proposal. But the question is that why MHRD give that kind of proposal? If they have no any hidden anti student in fact anti common student agenda.YFE shamefully says that we must pay fee hike and should not use national resources without contribution. They give logic that many youth give their life at young during freedom fight so why not us. Well first call to British again – this is my humble request to YFE. Not only this YFE full version name is Youth For Equality which is organized for the sole purpose of against reservation policy which is based on social community that is caste in India. YFE’s argument was and is that reservation should be on the income basis not on the caste basis. My question to them is that is poor able to study in JNU or other university if university started charging its real expenditure to student? Yes this the reason that some people explain YFE as Youth For Entertainments. 

Entertain Your Self by Quote from YFE, handbill dated Oct. 07, 2009

“There was time the student community was first to jump to any sacrifice – Bhagat Singh hugged martyrdom at the age of 23, Shivaram Hari Rajguru at 22m Sukhdev Thapar at 32, Chandrashekhar Sitaram Tiwari, better known as Chandrasekhar Azad at 24, Ashfaqulla Khan 27 – the ages almost all M.Phil./Ph.D. students of JNU have crossed and waiting many more years of life with a subsidized education, subsidized boarding in hostel and subsidized food.”  --- So what it mean should we commit suicide or invite to British to India so we can fight against them like our freedom fighter?
NSUI like ABVP and YFE once again warning to illegal JNUSU to stop rumor even if official latter by MHRD to JNU available. NSUI once again (handbill dated Oct. 07, 2009) demanding to increase amount of scholarship where I would like to remind to JNU community that last year (in 2008 about September) in after dinner talk by Prof. Anand Kumar, NSUI’s office bearer Mr. Bharat Kumar a Ph.D. scholar announced that UGC scholarship increased 3000/5000 to 5000/8000 and all PH student will get scholarship equal to RJNEF. Not only this but he also claimed that letter is dispatched and will reach to university within this week and in your (students) A/c within 15 days. 

AISA give some fact in its handbill on Oct. 07, 2009 as bellow

Central Government in union budget 2009-10 give provision to only 1.5% of total expenditure. Where it is 3.23% of GDP. Which is very low to compare to developed country.

The Gross enrollment ratio in higher education in India however around a mere 10% as opposed to the global average of around 26%

India only expend $ 406 per student per annum which is very low to compare to other developed country. This is fact that India is not expending sufficient money in higher education and in Research and Development. 

Hope all of you are aware about Nobel Prize that it got by Indian origin scientist. News paper wrote Washington: An India-born structural biologist whose quest for scientific excellence took him from undergraduate schools in India to graduate and post-doc studies in US and research in UK was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Wednesday for work on proteins that control life. Dr Venkatraman ‘’Venky’’ Ramakrishnan, 58, who had his early education in ……………………..

Is above a good news. Of course good news for who worked heard but shameful news that we unable to give good opportunity to our own brain with affordable environment. Many western country give a huge scholarship and investment on higher education and here YFE advocating to fee hike. He went to US and many more countless students are too intelligent to research but they can’t because of lack of money……

I am so surprised that BSF is not taking any initiative on this issues because BSF is all time talking about weeker section and this proposal is about this.

But I am supporting some of its proposal like traveling in economy class in aircraft etc. 

Now it’s your term whether you support to fee hike or not.

References: Handbill issued by concerned Students Organizations in JNU
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