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Disapponted by role of parties in JNUSU GBM

I am very disappointed by role of political organizations in GBM on Feb 05-06th. We are facing crisis, we are fighting for our democratic rights. But non of any party ready to negotiate for come on one common conclusion. All party was busy to defeat other. If we can not sit 2gether for solution than we are not following the democratic ethos of this campus and also not we are fighting for JNU rather fighting for own respective party. By this way one can serve their part not JNU and JNUSU.
Due to interruption by SFI and his supporter counting on regulations not done.
And so new dated for voting and counting is scheduled on Feb 09 2010 for pending proposals. We some seriously concerned student appeal to JNU to come on common platform to reach common concise and agenda. So we can fight more strongly. This is fundamental question that our layer will represent whom in court? AISA, SFI, DSU, PSU etc or JNU?
It is not surprising thing that leader from NSUI is doing joke at stage, OK that is also welcome to entertain us.
ABVP and it's small brother/sister YFE was absent by saying this JNUSU is illegal. This is their politics, that denying democracy. Current JNUSU is elected by us and it's terms are also extended by us.
(Note GBM started at Feb 05 11AM and ended at Feb 06 06AM)
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