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JNU Harish Narayandas and JNUTA

Tanmoy Sharma
The JNUTA fact sheet regarding the 1st November incident is out which states that Ritu Meena slapped the Sr. Warden Prof Harish Naraindas in front of his wife. The details of the behavior of the student in the last few months have also been included in the document. It has been mailed to the CSSS group.
I request- in my humble capacity-to the two distinguished sociologists of the Center- Anil Kumar and Mohan Meena-both of whom were not present in the incident to stop spewing venom. We'll benefit from their activism and scholarship on real issues of caste and gender struggle that are prevalent in many a walk of life. Politicking for the sake of it, reflects the tendency of the 'violent democracy' that we are soon going to be.
  • Garima Yadav thank you so much..
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  • Anil Kumar dear Tanmoy is other faculties were present at time those who out with "fact sheet"? on the other hand at that time othet students were present. 

    see this fact, concerned faculty claimes injury and called Ambulance why he didnt went to hospital? where Ambulance came soon after call.

    she was being torcherd for few last months, warden evinced his room for no reason. 

    evictions made by warden from Koyana hostel. is Koyana hostel warden have any jurisdiction over any another hostel?
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  • Anil Kumar dear fact lover why all victims are from Dalit Adivasi and Backward castes? as you people love the fact dont believe me because i am castist, kindly go to Dean of Students and get the official records.
  • Garima Yadav but that doesnt mean if someone is from a particular caste ten that person will be a victim alwaya in any n every circumstance!!!!
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  • Anil Kumar i have to do some another work. but onemore comment 
    one blind student are shifted from Sabarmati to Chandrabhaga he is not only blind but coming from deprived section also.
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  • Anil Kumar Garima plz check the facts from dean office dont believe me
  • Garima Yadav sir i believe you.. but wat i said is also worth keepin in consideration.. i am a FEMALE,, my caste comes in OBC or the backward class(acc to govt rules.. though i dont believe in it).. but that doesnt mean i m always ryt n i will always be a victim..
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  • Anil Kumar Garima this is not close conversation, my every comments are in record. As we know facts can verify and you can verify too.
  • Garima Yadav u r stuck to ur view.. very well. i made my pt seems u cant incorporate it in ur thoughts.. never mind
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  • Anil Kumar if you go to my first post which can be found here and on my wall then you will found that i said st sc obc are most victims there i too recognized that other then st cs obc female are too victims and i stand for them too.
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  • Anil Kumar Garima you must read Durkheim and his work Suicide. he clearly stated the reason of suicide. just check social profile of victims from AIIMS Safdarjund IIT DU 

    if Durkheim is wrong then we must stop teaching here and if he is rigjt 5hen we must accept the reality
  • Anil Kumar Divya Padmanabhan also came here who is always opposing state and authority but she is accepted in this case it. wonderful. this is the reality of your gender justice.
  • Divya Padmanabhan what did I say? I told you to consider both sides before giving your judgment. Also kindly consider that there is a FIR already registered and neither you nor I are in an authority to deliver a judgment of any sort. This has been an appeal to you from many individuals and the JNUSU. That said, anil kumar this is not the forum for me to justify my politics in any form. You are free to take whatever action you want.
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  • Anil Kumar in fact JNUTA is loose his credibility and idea of natural justice. When non of faculty were present there then how they can come with conclusion?
  • Garima Yadav i totally agree with what you are saying.. the bias is visible even to those who are not sociologically trained.. but yes i wud admit at times ur post paints a one sided pic robbing the true case of its legitimacy.. presenting both the sides and then reaching a final statement wud be best.. my view..
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  • Anil Kumar dear Divya Padmanabhan Harish sir taught me memethodology and now i am questioning on methodology of JNUTA. 

    and for your kind information all concerned authorities were approached before your kind suggestions and before said incident.

    मैं हवा में बात नहीं करता हूँ
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  • Anil Kumar yes Garima i am agree with you. and totally agree with you. thats why i am saying JNUTA is an organisation and they must not pass any judgement by listening one side. i may be bias Haris sir may be bias whre both i and Harish sir is not an institution but what about JNUTA?
  • Pragya Tripathi We can not shut our eyes when women misuse the 'Pro-women laws' for their benefit. These cases are the rarest of rare, but we have to recognize these cases and not shun them under the carpet under the mask of gender justice.
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  • Divya Padmanabhan anil kumar will you please stop spewing venom. And secondly what are you trying to establish?
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  • Anil Kumar Divya Padmanabhan ji you know better, and our all conversation is also public.
  • Divya Padmanabhan What do you mena by public?
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  • Anil Kumar Pragya Tripathi this is your new judgement ok?
  • Anil Kumar i mean public as it is stated in Oxford Dictionary
  • Tanmoy Sharma Anyone who has known Prof Naraindas even for a day will know that he would be the last person to do any such thing as alleged. Everything here is made to be seen as a war by Anil Kumar, what this results in is fractured solidarity in real issues of caste- tribe struggles. I have heard about this woman from many people much before this incident. She would address and abuse the wardens as 'tu', scream at them and all this has been witnessed by many for the record. This slandering against the Sr. Warden is utterly unfortunate. He has much serious engagements in medical anthropology than to' sexually assault' a student in his hostel. It's ridiculous beyond imagination.
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  • Divya Padmanabhan you mean this anil ? "2.done, perceived, or existing in open view:"
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  • Garima Yadav Tanmoy Sharma: true.. so many ppl in that centre used to so many things abt him that he is a womanizer n all sort crap... i took his course.. happened to be only student in that course for initial few classes n saw he is one of the most amazing person in academics i have ever known...ha... thats why thanked you for posting this update...
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  • Divya Padmanabhan In this case, I had decided to let the enquiry happen and not let one's own opinions color the case, but it seems that some people are hell bent on character assassination. This is in response to that trend. On a personal note, I second Garima and Tanmoy and Pallabi. I have known harish for over 5 years now as a supervisor, and also a mentor. I can vouch in my experience that he is not any of the alleged things which are being put out.
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  • Pallabi Roy Instead of slandering people here and constantly citing official records et al, why don't we discuss all of this in a GBM with faculty and students alike as suggested by the Divya Padmanabhan in the group email?
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  • Pallabi Roy And I agree with Tanmoy. Anyone who knows Dr. Naraindas would know that he would never say a thing like “Your history is like this. You all students coming from categories and are pigs. You don’t deserve to be in JNU”. It's extremely unfortunate that in a so-called liberal space like JNU such things are being posted on social forums:
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  • Anil Kumar do any of you know that what Harish sir wrote in an FIR? let us know too please.
  • Mohan Meena MR. T.Sharma ,mujhe lagta hai ap facebook par hamare name lekar kisi vishes viykti ko ye batana chate hai ki ap kitne awair hai jabki apki aur meri bat pehle bhi ho gayi hai aur maine kisi person visesh par koi arop nahi lagya....ha yadi apko ek sociologist kitarah koi suggetion dena tha to ap day mai kam se kam 4 bar milte hai ,tab bhi bat kar sakte hai lekin ap face book par is tarah name nahi le sakte ye choti mansikta ko chhodkar ek acche scholar ki tarah ap debate kar sakte the mai usdin thane mai bhi tha wo bhi realty janne ke lye apki tarah 24 mai bethkar kisi ka majak nahi uada raha tha mai observe kar raha tha ki ek sociology ke student ko kis tarah ki samshayao ka samna karna par sakta hu...aj subah bhi ap do 3-4 girls students ke sath csss office k samne khade the jab kuch senior bhi vah the tab ap apna muh kyo chipakar bhag gaye.
  • Mohan Meena ek scholar ka kam hota hai data collect karna na ki kisi ko badnam karna aur maine LLb ke doran ye pada tha ki yadi apko koi badnam kare to kya karsakte hai aur ap to poore case mai dikhi bhi nahi to kya ye upper caste ke lye prem bhav hai....
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  • Mohan Meena bhai-bhatijabad isi ko kehte sharmaji
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  • Anil Kumar dear all those who know plz tell us that who wrote this to whom 
    "... (hence) i would like to lodge a false complaint against ..."
    5 hours ago via mobile · Edited · Like
  • Anil Kumar why everyone is silent after above fact?
    Dear Divya Padmanabhan Renny Thomas Pragya Tripathi Pallabi Roy like always I only like to write based on facts not a castist and Brahnical statement.
  • Anil Kumar Tanmoy Sharma don't be castist and Brahmnical rather tell us how JNUTA reach on that statement? 
    Dear Divya Padmanabhan Renny Thomas Pragya Tripathi Pallabi Roy and all other please tell me how JNUTA reached to this conclusion and passed the judgement?
  • Anil Kumar Is this violation of idea of justice? If you people are not castist and Brahmannical then please condemn this. I am not surprised that Divya Padmanabhan supported the authority and state rather victim girl. In fact this is politics of all left parties and activist.
  • Anil Kumar Dear Garima Yadav in my best knowledge I never contacted you over SMS Call Email Facebook Message etc. to support me. But now here I would like to appeal you that not to support me or victim blindly rather just go by facts. Hope you got the copy of JNUTA statement. Here my kind request is that please go by methodology of JNUTA. Is JNUTA is person or institution? Can any institution pass the judgement by just listening one side? IS this not violation of idea of justice? Here you may forget about cate as you like. I just raised the neutral and secular question. 

    But for me this is important that JNUTA "fact" is realised by two signature who are coming from Brahmin caste.
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  1. We can not create our own imaginary fact-sheet of incident based on the character of professor. Good people may make mistakes sometimes. I have seen many good people making false allegations to counter-attack some legal things against them. Whatever may be the case but our determination of innocence or guilt should be made without bias or prejudice ( thats why lady justice wear a blindfold , right ? )

  2. About JNU ( excerpt from main page ) : A University stands for humanism. For tolerance, for reason, for the adventure of ideas and for the search of truth

    My point is the girl had problem with the eviction notice, I think it's fair to oppose something if you do not agree with some action against you. I heard she had been running around to approach authorities in campus to talk about this issue. Where was JNUTA at that time ? Why she was forced out-of-bound without a fair enquiry ? does it comply to the ideology of the JNU stated above ?

  3. JNUTA decision ( of taking action without a fair enquiry ) does not comply with the JNU ideology of humanism,tolerance,reason and search of truth

  4. Student Union and JNUTA should come forward and reinstate the things for betterment. Student should say sorry and Professor should forgive the student. JNUTA should regret their "out of bound" decision which was taken without fair enquiry. Things should reinstate for betterment of institute.

    People who wants to be HERO in the incident should fight the trojan war outside the campus. Why do you always need Helen(or nirbhaya or student or professor or someone alike) to fight the trojan war to prove your heorism?