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Jaswant Singh, BJP and The Rule of Politicas

BJP rusticated Jaswant Sigh on Aug 19, 2009, for his views in his book on Jinnah. It shows that there are no space and freedom of thinking and expression within party line. This situation also occurred when L. K. Adawani wrote in favour of Jinnah during his Pakistan Visit, but he saved himself as he was powerful. But Mr. Kulkarni was rusticated. This things also happened with other party even they raise very genuine issues.
I am just remembering a thinker called Karl Mannheim who says that intellectual should not
joined the political party because if they join in political party than they they bound to think and act according to party line/ideology. 
This also bad that some BJP ruled state impose ban on this book. In this internet and information age it is not more than a joke. But act is not justifiably. this is around 600 page book and need time to read and digest. So I not think ordinarily people will buy and read it and and no one can stop the intellectual debate so what is the purpose of ban of this book rather to show that they are in power. 
Beyond a personal favor or against debate must go on......
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