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School kids forced to donate blood by Congress MLA

I was shocked by this news first when I see it on NDTV 9 O'clock news. And later on when I read this news in news papers.Here are the news article from ZeeNews website. Please read and think which kind of politician they are?
Accessed on Aug 23, 2009, at 5:41PM 
School kids forced to donate blood by Congress MLA
Updated on Saturday, August 22, 2009, 11:13 IST Tags:Rajiv GandhiBirth anniversaryblood donationRaasthan

Zeenews Bureau
Jaipur: In a shocking incident, school kids were lured into donating blood at a camp organised at Chomu village by a local Congress MLA, Bhagwan Sahay Saini, to commemorate the birthday of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.
The incident has sparked huge protests from the opposition BJP. Effigies of Saini were burnt by ABVP supporters, the student wing of the BJP.
Local residents also joined the protests by against this horrifying act. The residents confirmed of the MLA being present when kids below 18 years of age donated blood.
The incident was highlighted when a student named Anil Sharma, 15, collapsed after donating blood. He was later taken to SMS Hospital in Jaipur. His condition is reported to be stable now.
Talking to the reporters, Anil’s father said that he confirmed to the organisers about his son being a minor and that he recently suffered from jaundice, but they ignored his request and still took his blood.
However, Saini denied any incident of forcing the students to donate blood. He further said that the camp was administered by trained medical teams, who collected blood after completing due formalities.
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