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GBM for extension of JNUSU and NSUI's activities Aug 31 - Sep 01, 2009

Dear friends,
Yesterday, During JNUSU General Body meeting some NSUI goons disrupted the meeting and physically assaulted the (girl) speaker. They also destroyed the stage, light and sound systems. They thought that by acting this they can stop the voice of students who demanding and fighting for democracy. For them democracy means their own Govt. And so they join the YFE and ABVP camp. My reader can remember my old post in which Congress MLA took blood of students for politics and this is the real face of them.

They first come up on stage and assuled the (girl) speaker, and then they also went to Vasant Vihar Thana, and AIIMS! They in fact need election in Delhi University Model where money and Measles Power is important. They tried to create the situation which will favourable to JNU administration to implement the James Michel Lyngdoh Committee Report. Now YFE, ABVP and NSUI are come together on this issue, which shows the level and ideology which they share. Because first YFE called that this JNUSU is illegal, later on ABVP tune with YFE and finally NSUI joined that camp. Its natural, quite natural.
It is very shameful that earlier they supporting the democratic ethos of JNU’s Constitution and part of struggle committee which is fighting to save it. Our fight will also save the democratic rights of student community all over the country.
Yesterday they did wrong things which are not acceptable to JNU culture. They went to president with list of their speakers when procedure was started and time was till 6:30PM but they went at after 9PM.
They did these things when our next hearing in Supreme Court is on September 04, 2009. And according to President of JNUSU one member of new bench also says that Supreme Court have no right to intervene in Students Elections.
After mess campaigning bu JNUSU and other party except YFE, JSUI and ABVP, the NSUI also organised a rally in JNU demanding out of bound to Sandeep as he is Goon. Yes he is for those who against the student community and democracy.
All these incidents make clear that who stand with students space and democracy.
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