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This is not for what JNU known for. Its Delhi Times eyes and so views.

Dear Friend Today Oct. 09, 2009, Delhi Times publish about JNU in DU style. It is not all about JNU which JNU stand for. Here is the exectly what they published.
Retrieved on Oct. 09, 2009 at 8.11PM

The walk-a-thon in JNU…
… Helps the students here lose extra kilos. DT treads with them and finds out all about the walking culture here
ERAM AGHA Times News Network

The rigorous walking schedule that all the Jawaharlal Nehru University students undergo – from their hostels to their classes or from ATMs to library – make them shed those extra pounds without going to any gym. The huge campus saves the students the precious pocket money that they’d need to spend on the gym to get well-toned bodies. We caught up with a few students from the campus and found out that whatever they eat at the famous dhabas in JNU does not ad to their body at all!
The party person
They are not the kind who would go for a jig at parties. Rather, they are the kind who can be an inspiration to those practicing the austerity drive! “Campaigning, sloganeering, protests marches, pasting posters on walls, distributing pamphlets and other activities that bring awareness, eat away all the calories I consume. Sometimes the internal party meetings take away a chunk of the day, including the hours when we are supposed to eat meals,” says Shweta, a student activist who lost 7-8 kgs of weight by participating in party activities alone. She adds, “There was a day when I walked all day, literally, and realised that I have not sat for a single moment! I had gone for room-to-room campaigning for my party that day.”
Learning to lose?
We caught up with a first year MA student Pragya Kishore, who pointed at her loose jeans when we asked her if she lost weight once she joined the JNU campus. She said, “My clothes have gone loose. Everyday we have to walk down from hostel to centres, come back for lunches and have mess food, which is anyway not high on calories. And if there’s an after-lunch class, we again have to walk down to the centre and then come back to the hostel again.”

So even if you have relished a parantha at the dhaba on your way back to the hostel, the calories are taken care of on the way to classes or the library.

The walk-a-thon doesn’t end here. On-campus shopping and simple activities like buying milk and bread also means lengthy walks. Students walk till the shopping complex or till the library to get the recommended readings photocopied and for other errands. For all those who don’t like to walk distances, riding bicycles is another option, which is again quite helpful in burning extra calories.

One of the students, Shatanshi shares, “My friend was overweight when she came to study here. She didn’t know that there wll be a weight-loss programme here. Just the regular walking schedule and not-so-heavy mess food enabled her lose so much weight that today she is buying new clothes for her wardrobe as her clothes don’t fit anymore.”
Amused or attuned?

Shruti, a student of Spanish language in JNU, shares, “Walking is a culture here. Even for the sake of amusement or entertainment or to relax, we have to walk. Going from Ganga hostel to Parthasarthy Rocks or to the caves or even a leisure walk on the Ring Road involves a lot of walking and physical activity. Daily, I walk for around here in the campus for at least four hours without consciously wanting to do so.”
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